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The Rx Club Show Continues to Showcase the Best Creative in Healthcare Worldwide

We know it takes a lot of work to create a thought provoking, hard working, visually appealing piece of creative. As a healthcare creative we know you are given challenges to come up with award winning creative on a daily basis. And now you want to win an award for this?

Well now is the time to submit all your work in various media to The 2014 Rx Club Show. Our top notch judging panel will judge your work and determine the winners. Will you win a Gold, Silver or Award of Excellence for an outstanding campaign, video, website or even an agency self promotion piece? The competition is on! Start submitting your work today.

So clear off that refrigerator door and get ready to display all your awards (sorry kids).

What a judging panel!

We've outdone ourselves. Take a look at our top notch judging panel. We have the best in the healthcare advertising industry worldwide. Do you have what it takes to be a Gold or Silver winner in our Print, Video, Integrated or Interactive categories?
See our extensive judging panel.

Winners from 2013

The Carveth's Way Award

2014 Rx Club Show Sponsors

Nitrogen - Let sparks fly

nitrogen is a global strategic brand experience agency, based in the US, UK and Asia, which blends science and imagination to deliver multi-channel healthcare communications that are both compelling and extraordinary.

We use our proven Triple Bond process to build global and local connections between customers and brands. From disease awareness to prescription-only, to over-the-counter, we have a track record of developing award-winning multi-channel solutions.

By truly understanding your customers and how they absorb media and information, we successfully deliver your brand messages. Our aim is to spark what we call brand conversations. By turning insights into conversations we allow your customers to become fully involved in the brand experience, changing their beliefs and behaviours and propelling you and your brand to success.

nitrogen, a Huntsworth Health company, established in 1996 has over 60 employees worldwide.

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