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We know that everyone is busy with tight deadlines, work overload and client presentations. The Rx Club encourages you to take time out of your busy day to submit your award winning work. You deserve the recognition. Turn the whine into a "win"!

Our judging panel continues to be elite. So many categories to enter. Recognized both internationally and domestically in our 31st year. You can't win an Rx Club Show award without entering.

So don't be a whiner when you can be a winner! Enter today.

Carveth's Way Award


McCann Echo


Monmouth Medical Center


Luke Waldrum


Carlos Benitez


Laura Morrison


Toddler Tips Sleep Campaign


L2. Hospital advertising - includes newsletters, brochures, print, dm

Sponsors & Creative Contributors

Like the Oscar and the Emmy,


The Rx Club Show evolved out of the need of an entire healthcare creative community to recognize and be recognized by its peers.

In our 31st year, we continue to astound and be the source for creative inspiration and excellence worldwide. Enter our show and have your work judged by talented judges throughout the world. All Gold, Silver and Award of Excellence winners will then become part of our award winning website for all to view.


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Founded in 1986 by Ina and Carveth Kramer, The Rx Club Show continues to honor the creative aspects of healthcare advertising and promotion. The show is judged in various categories by a panel of industry experts and is based solely on creativity. Creative concept and execution remain the only criteria for merit - not media buy or budget - simply creativity.

The Rx Club Show has grown to become an international icon in the healthcare industry. Since its inception, The Rx Club Show has remained true to its original mission: Provide an independent forum for the worldwide healthcare advertising community to exchange ideas, showcase their best creative projects, and bring forth innovative ideas in the expanding healthcare market place, keeping the industry on the cutting edge.


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