Show Information

The Rx Club Show 2017 Deadline — Friday, August 11, 2017

A fee of $100 per company will be assessed for entries received after the deadline date.


The Rx Club will honor work in print, electronic media, and video in the service of healthcare. Entries must have been printed, published or created for the first time between June 30, 2016 and June 30, 2017.


Friday, August 11th, 2017

A fee of $100 per company will be assessed for entries received after the deadline.

Winners Format

With your feedback, this year, all winning entries will be shown on our website with full credits displayed.


Winners of the Gold, Silver and the Awards of Excellence will be notified by email. The winning entries by award type will be revealed and displayed on our website, on November 15 at 6PM, EST.

Enter online

The Rx Club Show will require entrants to upload materials for judging. The specifications are as follows:

All entries require one (composite) image to be uploaded with the following size and format:

Maximum of 1250 px width x 800px height. 72 DPI resolution and in jpg format. All file names must end in .jpg. Also please make sure the color is set to RGB to ensure web browser compatibility. Note: A subsequent set of specifications will be e-mailed to all winners for printing of the awards.

Please prepare all videos in either a standard DVD format (ntsc or pal) or on a high definition mp4 video file on a data DVD disc.

Interactive format requirements: A URL needs to be submitted for each online entry. Please make sure the URL leads directly to your piece and not to a landing page. If entry is password protected, you'll need to provide us with a password.

Important: Once the entries are submitted online, print the completed forms and attach them to the hard copy entry/entries mailed for judging. Please send printed copies or dimensional samples. Originals are best for viewing. Please don't send entries mounted on boards.

Entry Requirements

All information is entered directly into The Rx Club database. Agencies are responsible for correct information. Images of the work will be used by The Rx Club for identification for the awards, our website and may be used for promotions. All changes must be recorded in our database. We can't be responsible for missing information.

Carveth’s Way Award

A special award for the 11th year to honor Carveth and his unique approach to solving creative problems called The "Carveth's Way" Award. The "Carveth's Way" Award will be presented to the single Rx Club entry that most embodies the "out of the box" thought process, a hallmark of Carveth Kramer's approach to creativity. The winning entry will be selected for it's unique approach, concept, and quality of execution.

Notification of Show Acceptance

The acceptance e-mail will include the names of the winning entry/entries and resubmission instructions. Upon notification of your winning entry/entries, we will supply you with information on re-uploading your image(s) in a higher resolution for the printing of awards. In order to receive your award(s), you must re-upload your hi res image(s) and pay the resubmission fee for inclusion into the 2017 Rx Club Show. No awards/trophies will be sent without final payment.

The 2017 Rx Club Show Book Online

Beginning on November 15, you will be able to view all the winning pieces online. This will be a great way for your colleagues and clients to have access to all the award winning pieces.

Purchase a Link

The Rx Club has a newer feature where you can purchase a link or banner from your winning entry or from our List of Winners page. You can contact us at or call Darren Kramer at 212-679-8608 for more information on this.


Note: You may enter the same entry in more than one category. However, you will need to pay separate entry fees.

The Rx Club Show is not responsible for legal clearance for any entries submitted in any categories.


The Rx Club

Entry Category List

Professional Print

A. Magazine Advertising
1. Full page
2. Fractional page
3. Spread
4. Multiple pages (insert/R.O.B.)
5. Campaign

B. Launch
1. Single ad
2. Multiple ads
3. Campaign
4. Collateral

C. Newspaper Advertising
1. Corporate identity
2. Fractional page
3. Multiple pages (insert/R.O.B.)
4. Campaign

D. Direct Mail
1. Self-mailer/campaign
2. Envelope mailer/campaign
3. Sales force kit
4. Magazine/newspaper, sales promotion, posters
5. Dimensional mailer/campaign
6. Mail series

E. Agency Self Promotion
1. Postcard mailer, 3-D mailer, dimensional mailer, premiums
2. Magazine advertising, 4/C or B/W, single or campaign

F. Sales Promotion
1. File card/flash card
2. Booklet/Brochure
3. Stationery
4. Calendars

G. Posters/Displays/Special Projects/Trade Shows/Reports
1. P.O.P. poster
2. Medical office poster
3. Transit advertising/car cards
4. Invitations/announcements/various
5. Annual reports
6. Special reports
7. Kiosks
8. Meeting presentations/sales meeting material
9. 3-D models/displays
10. Premiums/promotions
11. Product, franchise or corporate naming
12. Trade show banners

H. Logos/Branding/Package Design
1. Corporate identity logo
2. Brand identity logo
3. Franchise branding
4. Package design

I. Editorial
1. Full page, 4/C or BW
2. Cover, 4/C or B/W
3. Consumer or business magazine (full issue)
4. Single-sponsor publication, 4/C or B/W

J. Graphics
1. Illustration
2. Photography
3. Non published illustration/photography
4. Paper/sculpture/model making

K. Education
1. Professional education/campaigns
2. Drug education - doctors
3. Drug education - patients
4. Patient information booklets/newsletters
5. Posters/announcements
6. Monographs
7. Single-sponsor publications, 4/C or B/W
8. Symposium material or packages
9. Sales rep material

L. Institutional/Corporate Advertising
1. Managed healthcare providers
2. Hospital advertising - includes
newsletters, brochures, print, dm
3. Patient Information

M. Public Service Announcements
1. Print
2. Direct Mail
3. Posters
4. POP
5. Other

N. Animal Health
1. Includes magazines, newspapers, collateral material, posters, direct mail, POP and other

O. Medical Devices
1. Includes magazines, newspapers, journals, collateral material, poster, direct mail. POP and other

1. Magazine advertising
2. Launch ad/campaign
3. Collateral
4. Newspaper
5. Direct mail
6. Posters/display/trade shows/logos
7. Package designs
8. Campaign
9. Billboards
10. Unconventional oversized advertising

Integrated category is under own area this year.
1. Magazine advertising
2. Launch ad/campaign
3. Collateral
4. Newspaper
5. Direct Mail
6. Posters/display/trade shows/logos
7. Package designs
8. Campaign
9. Billboards
10. Unconventional oversized advertising

Interactive Submissions

1i. Best Healthcare Professional Website
Submit work primarily targeted to doctors, nurses, office managers or other healthcare professionals.
This could include but is not limited to:
1. Product website
2. Disease website
3. Training website (includes training for Dr.'s and Sales reps)
4. E-commerce website
5. Non-profit organization website
6. Hospital Website
7. Healthcare Provider Website
8. Other

2i. Best Consumer Website
Submit work primarily targeted to consumers.
This could include but is not limited to:
1. Product website (promotional or educational)
2. Other (specify)

3i. Best Web Advertising
Submit promotional or educational/awareness ads for health-related products or services targeted to healthcare professionals or consumers.
This could include but is not limited to:
1. Banner ads (including skyscraper ads)
2. Teaser ads (including pop ups)
3. Rich media ads
4. Electronic advertorials
5. Web applications
6. Other (specify)

4i. Best Use of E-mail
1. E-mail communications targeted to healthcare professionals
2. E-mail communications targeted to consumers

Note: This can be a text or html e-mail

5i. Best Animation
Submit partial or completed animations targeted to healthcare professionals or consumers.
These could include but are not limited to:
1. Mechanism of action
2. Flash interactive modules or kiosks
3. Training tools
4. Electronic detail aids
5. 3-D modules
6. Traditional animation modules
7. Educational tools
8. Motion design graphics
9. Ads or banners
10. Video games or contests
11. Animated Kiosks
12. Other

6i. Best Download
Submit websites that offer a downloadable item that could be of interest to the healthcare community (doctors or patients). The judges will focus on the relevance of the downloaded materials, not the website that hosts them. The downloads should however, be in their original context.
These could include but are not limited to:
1. PDF's, promotional or educational
2. Customized applications
3. Rep electronic tools
4. Studies or white papers
5. Wallpaper
6. Screensavers
7. Alerts
8. Other (specify)

7i. Best Integrated Campaign
1. Submit web initiatives that are limited to 3 components within any of the interactive categories.

8i. Self Promotion
1. Websites
2. Banner ads
3. Screensavers

9i. Public Service Announcements
1. Websites
2. All banner ads
3. Rich media
4. Screensavers

10i. Social Media
1. Includes all types of interactive mediums

11i. Mobile Applications

1. Includes all types of interactive mediums

Note: Integrated Category is under own area this year except within interactive (see 7i)

Video Submissions

(Please limit all spots to 5 minutes in length unless otherwise noted)

1V. Up to and including 30 seconds
2V. More than 30 seconds (but no more than 1 minute)
3Va. Campaign (up to 3 spots with each spot up to 1 minute)
3Vb.Sales/Rep training/sales meeting (limit to no more than 15 minutes)
4V. Other (specify)

Public Service Announcements (PSA)
5V. Commercials
6V. Education (limit to no more than 15 minutes)
7V. Campaign (up to 3 spots)
8V. Other (specify)

9V. 2-D animation
10V. 3-D animation
11V. Promotional animation
12V. Educational animation
13V. Other (specify)

(All spots in this category can be up to 15 minutes)
14V. Patient education
15V. Physician education
16V. Hospital education
17V. Corporate education
18V. Corporate series
19V. Sales rep training/sales meeting
20V. Other (specify)

21Va. Commercials up to 30 seconds
21Vb. Commercials more than 30 seconds (but no more than 1 minute)
21Vc. Commercial campaigns
22Va. Scientific, up to 30 seconds
22Vb. Scientific, 30 seconds or more (but no more than 1 minute)
23Va. Spots
23Vb. Campaign (3 spots - each spot can be up to 1 minute)
24V. Education
25V. Other (specify)

Special Projects
26V. Special projects
27V. Song parody
28V. Radio

Integrated Campaigns - Includes Rx, OTC and DTC

(Note: All videos in this category are limited to 5 minutes)

1n. Print campaigns (up to 5 pieces) to include magazine, newspaper, direct mail, special projects, posters, POP
2n. Combination of any print and video (up to 5 pieces)
3n. Combination of print, interactive and video (up to 5 pieces)
4n. Launch campaigns (up to 5 pieces) can include all types of media
5n. Public Service Announcements (up to 5 pieces) can include all types of media
6n. Sports Healthcare (up to 5 pieces) can include all types of media
7n. Senior Healthcare (up to 5 pieces) can include all types of media
8n. Infants and Children Health (up to 5 pieces) can include all types of media

Lifestyle Healthcare - Includes Rx, DTC and OTC

(Note: All videos in this category are limited to 5 minutes)

R1. Sports Healthcare
R2. Senior Healthcare
R3. Infants and Children Health

29V. Sports Healthcare
30V. Senior Healthcare
31V. Infants and Children Health

12i1. Sports Healthcare
12i2. Senior Healthcare
12i3. Infants and Children Health


We'd like to thank our judging panel for devoting their time both in person and online. The talented judges are what help to make the show such a success. Creatives both domestically and internationally, we appreciate all you do for the show, the industry and the agencies that enter our show.


The Rx Club

Our 2017 Judges


Chris Reese
SVP, Group Creative Director
JUICE Pharma Worldwide

Mike Dreeland
VP, Creative Director 

Jack Hyndman
Head of Creative
Fingerpaint Marketing

Erica Ptohos
SVP, Associate Creative Director
JUICE Pharma Worldwide

Janet Kleve
Associate Creative Director, Copy

Brian Wheeler
Managing Partner

Annie Foster
SVP, Group Creative Director
JUICE Pharma Worldwide

Orna Navon
Creative Director

R. John Fidelino 
Executive Creative Director 

Rebecca Gardner
VP, Associate Creative Director

Debra Strober
SVP, Group Creative Director
Juice Pharma Worldwide

Monica Noce Kanarek
EVP Creative
Purohit Navigation

Charles Jeffries
Associate Creative Director, Art
renavatio Healthcare Communications

Mick Rogers
Senior Vice President, Creative Director, Art
Calcium USA

Samantha Glasgow
Senior Art Supervisor / Senior Art Director
Purohit Navigation

Tom Lazaunikas
Creative Director

Kevin Kaniuga
Creative Director

Salvatore Diana
EVP, Creative Director
FCB Health

Rob Crow
SVP, Associate Creative Director
Sudler New York

Greg Hansen
VP, Associate Creative Director
ghg l greyhealth group

Bridget Sullivan 

Chris Hatton
VP, Creative Director, Copy
Calcium USA

Josh Eastman
Associate Creative Director
Harrison and Star 

Stephanie M. McGee
Executive Creative Director
Fingerpaint Marketing

Oliver Trower
Creative Director
McCann HumanCare, New York

Samantha Hoar
VP Associate Creative Director

David Stemler
SVP, Associate Creative Director
the bloc

Jeff Scott
VP, Creative Director
Calcium USA

Dean Szostczuk
VP, Associate Creative Director
Harrison and Star

Bryan Minogue
ACD, Copy
Ogilvy Commonhealth Worldwide

Sayan Ray
Group Creative Director
Grey NY

David Raube
SVP/Executive Creative Director

Stefanie Wasserman
Health and Wellness Creative/Copy

Troy Polsley
VP, Director of Design
JUICE Pharma Worldwide

Joe DeLuca
SVP, Creative Director
H4B Chelsea 

Julie Leviton 
Group Copy Supervisor 
Saatchi and Saatchi Wellness

Michael Bonilla
SVP, Group Creative Director

Barry Schmader
Chief Creative Officer

Craig Kabrhel
VP, Director of Multimedia
the bloc

Neil Paulino
SVP Creative Director
Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide

Frank Walters
Frontera Group, London

Caren Spinner
Freelance Creative Director and Strategist

Reshma Sapre
VP, Director of Content


Tony Miller
VP, Executive Creative Director
Anderson DDB

Michele Adams
SVP Creative Director
Giant Creative Strategy, San Francisco CA

Stephen Broadhurst
Executive Creative Director & Managing Partner
ghg l london

Nancy O'Brien
Director | Ad Agency | Agency Relations
& U.S. Commercial Communications
Marketing Communications & Operations

Joe Doyle
Sr. Vice President, Strategic Development
Intouch Solutions

Donna Ambriano
Creative Director
MedThink Communications

Martin Hafley
Creative Director
DDB Remedy, London

Martin Gosselin
Chief Creative Officer & Partner
Ogilvy Montreal (Canada)

Simon Robinson
Creative Team Leader
FCB Halesway Limited

Christie Cruz
Creative Director
Pacific Communications

Brooke Positan
Associate Creative Director, Copy
Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide

Dante Abelarde 
Creative Director
MRM//McCANN, Singapore

Berend Lohmann
Creative Group Head
WEFRA, Germany



Single Entry
1-10 individual entries: $345.00 per entry
11+ individual entries: $335.00 per entry

1-10 individual entries: $370.00 per entry
11+ individual entries: $360.00 per entry

*Please limit campaign to up to 5 pieces. Campaign fee is for entire campaign and not per piece.

Individual entries: $360.00 per entry
Campaign entries: $375.00 per entry

**Prepare all videos on a DVD

All individual entries: $490.00 per entry

**Prepare all videos in this category on a DVD


No entries will be judged without payment. All payments are to be made by check, money order, wire transfer, credit card, or PayPal. Payments made online on The Rx Club's secure site will receive a return receipt by e-mail. Click Submit when paying online on the payment form to record your payment. A check or money order made payable to: The Rx Club may also be used to cover payment for all entries. All foreign checks or money orders must be drawn on a US bank. For more information on wiring your payment or paying by credit card, e-mail All international entries (Canada included) must add a one-time charge of $90.00 to cover additional mailing costs. All payment information including type of payment and signature must be included on the "Master Form."

If your entry is accepted into The Rx Club Show, you will be required upon notification to pay a resubmission fee of $175.00 per single or campaign entry in print, video, interactive, integrated and lifestyle categories. The resubmission fee includes inclusion on our website. If the re-submission fee is not paid for a particular winning entry, you will not receive a trophy and/or award certificate for that entry.

Mail all entries and payment to:

The Rx Club
226 East 27th Street,#1C
New York, NY 10016
Attn: Ina Kramer
Please enclose a business card with your entries.

Contact Information

For any inquiries, please call Ina Kramer